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Why choose one of our Online TEFL courses?

Teacher Training for the 21st Century

If you are a native or fluent speaker of English, then these courses are your perfect opportunity to learn new teaching techniques and possibly travel the world on a life changing adventure. With our online TEFL course you can easily gain the knowledge, teaching skills and confidence you need to achieve excellent results with your students.

Don’t wait for others to take your place !

Our many students (company employees, businesses clients and private individuals) come from all over the world, currently from more than 50 countries. Our group conducts language courses (the largest part being English courses) and business training for private individuals and businesses for approximately 6,000 students.

Our philosophy is simple: we focus on the highest values and quality of teaching whilst providing the lowest possible prices.

Why choose an Online course?

We are not just another online portal, which offers English courses online in a virtual space (although we also offer that of course). We have real, bricks and mortar, language schools and training providers in the background with long-term experience, serving in “face-to-face” training and lessons on an everyday basis. We teach more than 6,000 students (every month more than 12,000 real lessons) with our highly qualified teachers and trainers.

Our students are very demanding, as we train management and staff from the world’s largest companies (such as Nestle, Henkel, Bayer, etc.) and institutions (many ministries and other institutions, for example the National Bank, and many more).

On the other hand, we also provide 2nd language education for kids from the age of 2+ with our own developed programmes, provide group courses and individual classes to all age groups, or teach our students via our multiple online learning platforms.

Our programmes and training courses were not ‘just written by someone’. They were developed over many years by our academic teams and directors, who have been developing, and who continuously develop hundreds of high quality programmes, based on the needs and expectations of our demanding clients.

Consequently, we understand and know that well educated and trained teachers and trainers are the real assets of every language school. Which is why we offer you our Online TEFL courses to improve your qualifications, gain and develop your skills and become certified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language all around the world.

Furthermore, we also support our teachers, those that have completed the courses and are certified, in finding jobs all around the world within and also out of our existing network of schools and partners.

1. Choose your online TEFL certification course and register!

As the first step, go to our subpage “TEFL courses” and choose one of the different options. Register yourself and pay for the chosen course. Once your registration and payment is received you will receive the login data to your personal online TEFL certification course, which you can complete from anywhere around the world in your own (personal) time and at your pace.

Go to subpage “TEFL courses” and start your career right away…

2. Access your Online TEFL course and get a TEFL certificate!

Now you can login to your personal Online TEFL certification course. Do all of the exercises and tests carefully – you have adequate time and can also retake the tests – after completion of the full course you will receive your personal TEFL certificate, which is the next step to start your career as a TEFL certified English language teacher.

3. Work & Travel as a TEFL certified English teacher!

You made it. You finished and passed your online TEFL course and now with your TEFL certificate in hand, you can find a job as a TEFL certified English language teacher in many schools and institutions all around the world. Now you can follow your dreams and find a job right away in different destinations or locally, perhaps you can also work as an e-teacher via online platforms.

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