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70 hours TEFL Online Teacher Course

70 hours TEFL Online Teacher Course

Whilst enrolled in our TEFL Online Teacher course, you can use 6 modules and have 12 months to complete your certificate. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to finish your certificate in a much shorter period. If you already have a teaching background or if you have experience in teaching you can opt for the “short cuts” solution. This allows you to go directly to the tests of each module. If you pass the modules, you do not have to go through all of the exercises in the individual modules. If you select this option, there is a chance that you can obtain your certificate in the shortest possible time – we do respect and value your “Time”.

Your certificate will be valid “life long”.

If you need further support or some additional classes, to improve your language and/or teaching qualifications or other topics, we also offer numerous online lessonsvirtual individual classes or other online English courses incrementally with special rates for you. Classes are conducted by our  highly qualified and experienced teachers and trainers.

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You also have the opportunity to try out our free trial version, to check first, whether you like our tools – simply register and you will get free access to the 1st module for 14 days.

The 70 hours TEFL Online Teacher course consists out of 6 modules – short description:

In this module, we will be using a combination of videos of native speakers and variety of interactive exercises, in order to present how to improve student’s speaking and pronunciation skills, as well as how to effectively correct their errors.

In module 2 we will show how to develop student’s proficiency in listening, in order to become more freethinking learners. At the beginning, we will present effective methods and a step-by-step guideline on how to teach students to track down the most important information from the interlocutor. There will be examples of various types of listening activities, their advantages and disadvantages for various age groups.

In module 3 we will present a guideline and the features for effective reading class.
We will talk in detail about importance of the pre-reading tasks, then we will move to various exercises which aim to master their skill of understanding what they read. We will also show the best practices of how to teach to track down main idea of the text as well as how to answer detailed questions regarding the text. Subject of the sample reading comprehensions will be very diversified and the difficulty level of the texts will be increasing, starting from texts on upper-intermediate level, ending with advanced texts, related to business topics.

In module 4 we will first of all go through productive prewriting activities. Then we will present different approaches of how to effectively develop writing skills amongst students. We will also go step by step through methods of correcting and assessment strategies.

In module 5 we will present the most important aspects of teaching vocabulary, what are the most effective ways for students to memorize them with support of some games, various exercises and what are the most effective ways to introduce new vocabulary for different age groups.

In module 6 we will show our students how to effectively teach grammar. We will go through different sets of tools and activities which will be helpful in order to plan an effective grammar lesson for the future teachers. The module will be divided in three parts: inductive, deductive and interactive language teaching.

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