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Unique TEFL course – all the benefits from online teaching

Have you ever thought of taking the TEFL course? Have you ever thought of becoming a professional English teacher? Or maybe you are an English speaker who wants to learn the best teaching techniques? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should give yourself a chance and try out our unique TEFL course.

These days online teaching plays a significant role in the educational process. Therefore, it is crucial to point out that all teachers who complete our TEFL course will have a thorough preparation which will allow them to lead professional and well structured online classes.  Online teaching brings numerous advantages, which can now be comparable to having traditional lessons in the classroom.


What are the benefits of having online classes in virtual classrooms?

  • Studying online helps students and teachers save a lot of time. Thanks to virtual classrooms precious time is not wasted on commuting
  • Running online classes allows teachers to teach all language skills.
  • There are numerous available options which significantly enrich language classes
  • Using virtual classrooms gives a lot of flexibility. Our teaching platform is responsive and can be used on various devices, such as: smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Teaching online works well, both, in leading individual as well as group classes
  • students’ stress level is reduced and they learn in a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere

How will our unique TEFL course help you in leading online lessons?

Our unique TEFL course consists of 10 separate modules which include both, the theoretical in addition to the practical part. Modules are devoted to separate language attributes:

These TEFL modules have considerable valuable information which will show you how to conduct a successful language lesson. Not only can these tips be applied in traditional lessons but also during online lessons. You will have the chance to see plenty of exemplary exercises which will increase students’ interest and motivation. Consequently, you will greatly enrich meetings with your students and they will remember the new material faster.

TEFL course – gaining teaching experience and professional feedback

The whole TEFL course is not only aimed at people who already have teaching experience but also at those who want to start their journey with teaching English. Therefore, do not hesitate, give yourself a chance to become a professional, skilled and qualified English teacher.

After completing the TEFL course all users can  buy a package of online lesson observations. As a result of professional feedback provided by our Academic Coordinators all TEFL teachers who buy this option will discover the strengths of their lessons and what areas still need improvement.

TEFL certificate – qualifications to become a professional English language teacher

After completing the TEFL course each person receives a special certificate. Becoming a professional and qualified teacher will allow you to teach English as a foreign language in various countries around the world. Thanks to the TEFL certificate your chances on the labour market will be greatly increased.

Unique TEFL course – all the benefits from online teachingtry it out for free or sign up for one of our online TEFL courses in our Webshop

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