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Our Story about “Why to choose us”

You have been reading probably already about us and the group of competence centres, which are standing behind the development of this platform – with all the practical background and experiences from the real world teaching from private individuals to top management of multinational companies.

Anyhow … what’s important to know also and to think through is ….

There are many course providers for TEFL to be found in the internet, but basically they all do face either the problem, that they are „just specialized” for Teaching possible teachers, or do not have any teaching background, as they were just set up by Web and IT companies.

If the provider does not have any serious practical teaching background (we teach every year more than 6.000 students ongoingly with our pool of more than 600 teachers/trainers Face-to-Face), it is obvious, that they do not have really the competences, but also to be focused just on teaching potential teachers, is not the best choice, as these organizations most of the time do not teach real students (just prepare teachers, but without any real ongoing teaching students background). So these organizations are missing the link to the reality on what is needed and expected out there in the real world from “students” point of view – and there are many different ones – not only that different countries and people from different cultures do have different expectations and needs, but also different age groups (a 2-3 year old kid or teenager does have a different need to be taught and also different expectations, than an adult or even a professional manager in a multinational company). Guess, that is also understandable.

Also over the years, teaching methods and personalities of students and their expectations have been changing. Our society became over the last 30 years much more oriented on global understanding, easy traveling and mobility in jobs, but also social media and modern technologies had their impact in the teaching industry.

So a key aspect is, to be prepared as a teacher to the expectations of your future students, you do have support, materials and also access to programmes for all these different target groups – so the choice of the provider for you should be taken based on that aspect and point of view – of course in combination to other aspects, like price, accreditation (which gives a base credibility to the provider, but are also often not oriented on realities and expectations of the clients/students) and flexibility. The course itself, and what it prepares you for, should be fitting to your expectations (and not just to the ones of the course provider – and/or to the accreditation body).

Language is a living communication tool, and kids to communicate nowadays in a different way, then their parents were doing some “decades” ago :). And that’s also the way, teaching has been developing.

But what are the “teachers” expectations – or the expectations of the “future” teachers? Seems, that no one really cares about that so much.
From our experiences and what we got from the market, there are several key elements, which help you as future teacher, to make your choices and achieve, what you want to achieve.

Flexibility is one of these points.

A very attractive price (to pay as less as possible for the best value possible, which on the other hand “must” fulfil the requirements, that the certificate is accepted by most of the worldwide employers – so it has to have quality and value)

Quality and value has been already mentioned above – but it seems not so obvious to many course providers, but the real aspect is “price for value”

The timing – yes, that is also an important aspect but obvious in online learning – but not only, that I can do whenever and wherever I just want to do the course – as it is online – and you do have time up to 12 months to finish your course certificate. No – it is also about valuing your time! Some of you might be already very advanced and/or, you do have already experiences, but just not the right certificate to work and travel. So with our tool, you can do your certificate even quicker – you do not have to start with all exercises, and get through the whole module, till you get to the tests – no, you can do the shortcut, do the tests first and then focus on, what you are missing on competences. So if you are already pretty good, you can save a lot of time , and get the certificate much quicker… That means, “valuing your time”.

All right – but still – it is an online service, so how you should know, what you buy does have as well the right value or fits to your expectations or way of learning. You do not want to buy the “cat in the bag” without seeing it. So we do have the right solution her for you too – you get a “free” trial” ! Yes – that’s correct. You can have a look and try already without any obligations a part of the whole course!

Simplicity – to keep things simple and focused. No confusing dispersion.

Preparation – if you are not a native speaker, but you want to get a TEFL certificate, and you find out, that you might not have enough English knowledge (we also provide you with a “free” online level test, we also give you support in terms of Online English courses, just preparing you to the right level. So you are not left alone, just help you to achieve your dream :).

Life long – your TEFL certificate never expires

But also be aware, that as potential TEFL online course student you should remember that prospective employers are likely to be based outside Europe. This means that accreditation bodies based solely in Europe may not be recognised by employers abroad.

Anyhow, to have a TEFL Certificate means also something more than just to work as a teacher. It is a certified qualification and it helps in whatever job interview for different kind of jobs, as it represents certain skills and achievements represented in your CV. It is an achievement and opens different types of opportunities and doors, and you get further choices and freedom levels – and if it is just the freedom to choose in which place in this world you would like to live and also work for the time being.
So do make your choices and let us help you to achieve, what you want to achieve.

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