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About us

We are No.1 site for online TEFL courses.

Online TEFL courses – Who we are and what is our background?

The background of TEFL Online is a group of  real language schools from the UK and Europe with more than 30 years of experience of teaching in this sphere. With two of our English language schools in the UK, a decision was made given the ongoing political climate in the UK, particularly regarding migration, to move our UK operations online and create our virtual online learning platforms and virtual schools – offering high quality English language courses to students from all over the world via virtual classes, online lessons, blended learning lessons or pure e-learning. This allows us to serve students and company clients in their home countries via our online platforms.

Thanks to that, you can become a certified teacher in teaching English as a foreign language via our website as well . It is simple and easy – choose and complete one of our Online TEFL courses and work as a certified English language teacher all over the world in a country of your choice, or also online.

As of 2019, our group of language schools serves yearly on an ongoing basis more than 6.000 students (from more than 50+ countries all over the world) with a highly qualified and well educated staff of native speakers and local teachers. With its more than 600 teachers on site, we are serving not only kids (from 2 years on), teens and adults at our own locations (or at their homes), but we are also serving multinational companies, their management and employees (like Nestle, Bayer, Henkel and many, many more) at their locations.

Over the 30 years of teaching languages Face-to-Face, we have developed a huge amount of own programmes from teaching 2 years olds to professionals – in a variety of different topics such as, General English, Business English, Exam preparation courses, master courses, and also Business training. and we have developed different online platforms.
Our background, professional knowledge, qualified staff, experiences and many thousands of satisfied students qualify us as well as providers of teacher training and certified education like these TEFL Online courses.

Beyond TEFL

The competence centres behind are

  • Cambridge School of English (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc. Examination centre, Member of the British Council Exams Partnership Programme “Addvantage”, and other certifications)
  • L2 – Language Consulting (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc. Examination centre, Member of the British Council Exams Partnership Programme “Addvantage”, and other certifications)
  • ELT Banbury (former British Council accredited school and English UK member)
  • Other international partners and associates (like partners with LSI, St. Giles, Bloomsburys, etc.)

Among many others, we are teaching in international companies such as:

  • Nestle
  • Bayer
  • BNP Paribas
  • Henkel
  • Santander
  • And many, many more

And sectors:

  • Energy
  • Banking & insurance
  • Different ministries
  • Consulting
  • FMCG
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Medical & Health
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemistry
  • And many, many more…


Teachers Trainings with practical background

And we are not only teaching these students and educating the staff of these companies, but we are also preparing with our academic teams sets of individual programmes specifically tailored to their unique purpose and goal – and, we are also teaching and educating our pool of teachers in regular teacher training sessions – to stay up to date on teaching techniques and topics, but also to adopt to the constantly changing expectations and needs of our various international clients and students.

So come and join this experience – it is your time now.

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