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TEFL online lesson observations

TEFL online lesson observations

Combine practical skill-building online TEFL course with dozens of real-life classroom  observations. Create and deliver online lessons and receive invaluable feedback and advice from an experienced TEFL tutor.

What are TEFL online lesson observations?

An online lesson observation, also known as a classroom observation, is an act of watching a teacher’s performance in their classroom or learning environment.  Online classroom observations are commonly regarded as an effective form of professional development and are used consistently throughout a teacher’s career.

Why are lesson observations important?

The main purpose behind the classroom observation is:

  • to evaluate the quality of teaching to ensure students receive the most effective learning experience;
  • to identify ways in which teachers can improve their teaching and classroom management skills;
  • to allow a teacher to receive feedback from an experienced observer, including extra ideas and techniques they can implement to improve;
  • identify the biggest blocker to student learning in the classroom;
  • to involve in context-specific discussions about teaching with a TEFL instructor.

Additional online lesson observations can assess how well these techniques have been implemented and to provide further direction – creating a continuous cycle of professional development.


Lesson observation – packages

Gain practical experience teaching English online with our online lesson observations. You can opt for packages of 5, 10 or 20 online lesson observations (25, 45, 60 or 90 minutes each).

These online sessions will be observed by one of our TEFL experts who guarantee personal tutor support since gathering feedback is an integral part to progression as a teacher, and lesson observations are an effective way to receive direction on areas for improvement

All classroom observations are performed online to make the process more accessible and effective to keep you engaged and motivated to develop.

Additional benefits for you

  • One year of free access to your personal virtual class room on one of our virtual class platforms (but without recording – that’s a paid option) – a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to set up virtual video and audio lessons. Our virtual class platform offers numerous tools to enhance lessons, including screen sharing or in-meeting chat. There is no need to create an account to attend a meeting.
  • Access to our Cambridge Exams online platform – the platform can be used as virtual textbooks helping you prepare your students for various language exams (used as a blended learning tool by your students and you);
  • Exclusive discounts for your students, including coupon codes for Cambridge Exams online courses allowing students to work on the specific skills they will need for each exam, become familiar with the exam structure and mock exams – and face the exam day with more confidence;
  • Exclusive discounts for your students for other online products and tools;
  • Get the chance to become one of our Online teachers and a member of our qualified teachers pool.

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