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Sensations English platform – learning English online through authentic videos and articles

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The innovative e-learning platform Sensations English includes:

  • over 600 English lessons online to choose from;
  • creative and modern learning environment;
  • natural language and accents in videos from around the world;
  • lessons and materials adapted to the five levels of language proficiency (whose authenticity is verified by MetaMetrics);
  • 7 subject sections;
  • new materials 3 times a week, on all 5 levels (A1-C1);
  • authentic and up-to-date materials (articles and videos) from all over the world;
  • access for a 12-months period*

*Access to the platform for 3 or 6 months can be purchased here: Sensations English

Course description

Authentic video content and articles for learning English online

Sensations English is a professional and modern e-learning platform for learning English. It is the most dynamic, creative and stimulating solution for anyone wishing to improve their English in an original and effective way.

It’s the only service that offers both diverse video and news articles, each of which is presented at five levels on the CEFR scale.

Learning is based on access to regularly-updated content, supplemented with games and exercises to facilitate memorisation.

The platform is a great tool for users learning English on their own, but can also serve as an add-on to teacher training.


Benefits of learning on the platform

  1. Learning grammar and vocabulary in context.
  2. Access to new content, updated 3 times a week.
  3. Better memorisation of content and vocabulary.
  4. Learning several skills at once (reading, writing, listening).
  5. Access to information from the world of culture, art, technology, environment and much more.
  6. Adapted to 5 CEFR levels of language proficiency.


Authentic videos and articles for learning English online


At the beginning of each lesson you will find an article or video about interesting and authentic events from around the world. You will not only learn English, but also expand your knowledge and interests. Each video has subtitles as well as a transcript. Additionally, everything is adjusted to your level! For example, at level A1 videos will have a voiceover speaking slowly and very clearly. At C1, you will hear the authentic voices of the speakers with different accents, speed, and sounds of the environment. It is similar with articles; each of them is appropriate for the level of the user according to vocabulary, grammar and text length.

After getting familiar with the topic, there will be time for tasks consolidating knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Each set consists of exercises developing skills such as reading, writing and listening.

The exercises are designed in the form of short language games. Thanks to this format diversity is ensured, which increases engagement in the performance of tasks. You can find among others: word searches, matching sentences, converting words / phrases into the correct form, listening and completing statements. You also have the chance to practice speed reading and pronunciation.


You don’t know your level of language proficiency?

You can assess it by completing a short test on our website or on Sensations English. If you have done an English proficiency certificate in the past, you can also enter your result on the e-learning platform.

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